EY Intelligent Checklists

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How does it work?

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Intuitive and easy to use

Intuitive navigation, workflow-driven process and chat mode interface allowing greater focus on each question.

Roll-forward capabilities

Leverage the roll-forward capabilities to easily identify changes in questions and responses from prior period.

Better project management

Assign questions to individual users and track their progress.

Efficient review

Use filter functionality to review key areas or questions within the checklist.

Increased collaboration with real-time updates

Real time updates provide the better collaboration between EY and client teams.

Pilot teams’ testimonials

Slick and easy to understand/use. Having done the manual checkers before, this is definitely a time saver. I think it is a big step forward.

Manager, UK

I love that on the EY side I can see my client’s responses as she makes live updates to the checklist.

Manager, US

The client and I sat down to kick off the checklist together and after 5 minutes we were both extremely impressed with the interface.

Manager, US

Are you ready
to get started?

Step 1. Enablement

Familiarize yourself with the solution by reviewing enablement materials available in EY Atlas.

Step 2. Discussion with client

Share the enabler below with your client, discuss the benefits of using the solution and sign them up to complete the checklist.

Step 3. Enroll your client (if applicable)

If your client is completing the checklist, add them to the EY Client Portal (if not already added) and as an External Team member to your EY Canvas engagement.

Step 4. EY Canvas Automation hub

Access Automation hub from the “More” menu in your EY Canvas engagement, set-up the checklist and invite your client (if applicable).

EY Intelligent Checklists is currently available for clients at no additional costs. However, only clients with EY Atlas Client Edition subscriptions will have access to the respective authoritative literature.