EY Canvas Receivables confirmations

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How does it work?

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Local languages

Available in more than 40 local languages for communication with clients and their customers.

Better project management

Real-time updates of the confirmation status accessible by all team members.

Increased efficiency

Allows more focus on high-risk areas and brings value and insights to clients.

Integration with EY Helix

Leverages sampling file generated via EY Helix Trade Receivables Analyzer.

Clients efficiencies

Reduces clients’ burden to support the audit.

Pilot teams’ testimonials

Client is asked to prepare one cover letter only, regardless of the number of confirmation requests to customers — it saved a lot of client’s time. Also, evidence file captures all emails send/received to the client/ customers.”

Staff, Malaysia

The confirmation form is user-friendly and easier to respond to than the manual Word file template. Also, the confirmation status gets updated on a real time basis and is readily available for all team members; previously the team had to monitor confirmation status manually.”

Senior, Singapore

Way easier to track the responses in the dashboard than in your e-mails. A larger number of customer responses than usual. The export to Excel was good to get a summary. I would want to use it again.”

Senior, US

Are you ready
to get started?

Step 1. Enablement

Familiarize yourself with the solution by reviewing the enablement materials available in EY Atlas.

Step 2. Discussion with client

Share the below enabler with your client and discuss the benefits of using the solution.

Step 3. Sampling

Generate a sampling file via EY Helix Trade Receivables Analyzer or complete the custom template (non-Helix) with your sampling data. You can download the custom template from EY Canvas Automation hub.

Step 4. EY Canvas Automation hub

Access Automation hub from the “More” menu in your EY Canvas engagement, upload the sampling file and submit it for processing.