Our 2019
UK finalists


A disruptor is an entrepreneur with the vision and courage to challenge the status quo. These entrepreneurs are more than just innovators – they push boundaries and take steps to revolutionise an existing industry or enter into or create a completely new one. These individuals are shaping and improving our working world and constantly striving for excellence.

Rising Star

Rising Star recognises entrepreneurs who have not only identified an opportunity, but have also capitalised on it in a forward-thinking, creative way. Celebrating ambitious entrepreneurs who have started a business which is growing quickly and has generated excitement in the marketplace. The business’ revenue and profits will reflect its fast growth nature.

The entrepreneurs recognised here are leading a business that has only been incorporated for 2–7 years.

Scale Up

Celebrating today's most exciting established entrepreneurs who have experienced a significant step change in growth or seen their business take off in recent years, Scale Up recognises entrepreneurs who are positively impacting their industry and economy. We look for an entrepreneur who can demonstrate strong growth in revenue, sales, market share, headcount or expansion in recent times.

Societal Impact

Recognising an entrepreneur that has in addition to achieving outstanding success in business, made an innovative, significant and lasting societal impact in the communities in which they live and work. The contributions made must have been more than financial and be of a lasting and purpose-driven nature.

Transformational Leader

This category recognises individuals with the vision to lead an organisation to bigger and better things. Celebrating entrepreneurs who have identified challenges for their business and been instrumental in overcoming them. The individual, who may or may not be the business’ founder, will have a proven track record managing a positive reversal of financial or market fortune.

Sustained Excellence

This category acknowledges entrepreneurs who were able to demonstrate a clear track record of success over many years, while continuing to build on their accomplishments with a forward-thinking attitude through innovation and new market entry.

It is open not only to those who have led their business to great heights, but also to serial entrepreneurs who have started and led one business after another, or many businesses concurrently.