What is the
End Point Assessment?

The purpose of this document is to provide you with guidance regarding the End Point Assessment (EPA) that is a requirement in order to successfully graduate from the Level 7 Accountancy and Taxation apprenticeship programme.

About the End Point Assessment

  • All apprenticeship standards have an associated EPA that must be passed in order to complete the apprenticeship and achieve a government accredited certificate of achievement
  • The EPA is designed to test whether you have gained the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours outlined in the associated Apprenticeship Standard
  • The Level 7 Accountancy and Taxation EPA is designed by the relevant Professional Body i.e. ICAEW or ICAS.
  • The EPA is outlined in the Assessment Plan for each Apprenticeship Standard and explains how you will be assessed
  • The Assessment Plan for the Level 7 Accountancy and Taxation Standard can be found using the following link: