* This timeline outlines the expected for pathway of an apprentice with first time passes and no mitigating circumstances that may impact timescales for completion

Practical Period

The practical period includes all of the formal and informal learning you experience throughout the duration of your programme. You will attend college, internal training programmes and meet with your counsellor regularly as part of the LEAD process for regular reviews. From this you will have a record of all the experiences you are gaining during this time.


Gateway is the point at which an assessment is made as to whether you have demonstrated all of the required Knowledge Skills and Behaviours required in the Apprenticeship Standard and are therefore ready to progress to EPA. In order for EY to assess this you will need to demonstrate that you have logged your 20% learning and 90 day LEAD submissions, and that your ICAEW Training File is up to date. You must also have completed L2 English and Maths, (e.g. GCSE) or a comparable qualification per UK government guidelines.


The EPA has been designed by the Professional Body (e.g. ICAS/ICAEW) and consists of two parts: A Case Study based on a hypothetical scenario/situation and a Project Report.


Having successfully passed the EPA you will achieve your Level 7 apprenticeship certification. You will become eligible to apply for membership of the ICAEW when you have: passed all the exams, completed your Training Contract and undertaken 450 days of technical work experience.