Filming and editing

The moving image is generally considered to be the most powerful way to tell stories and generate emotion. Here are some examples of how we did just that to help EY’s vision of a better working world.

Global Markets Leadership Meeting

CSG London were asked to film Jay Nibbe’s first event held at Penny Hill Park – Our three man crew filmed the event over three days and edited on site the end of conference film played during the final dinner. During the event CSG also shot a series of ‘fireside chats’ to be used at a Global Partner event later in the year.

Bake off

Shot in the style of the Great British Bake Off, this video was used to introduce EY’s leadership team to all students and candidates during the Student Induction 2018.

Ability EY

EY is passionate about diversity and inclusivity. We were asked to demonstrate this, showing support across the company.

We needed to understand the real impact these EY values have on people’s lives, so we spent four weeks collecting honest and inspirational personal stories. We also worked with several societies within the Ability EY network and, ultimately, filmed the seven most impactful stories over several days across the UK.

Student induction

A large part of EY’s incentive is to learn and improve from the feedback of its freshest talent.

We were asked to help this process by creating a video that could highlight the key impressions and experiences of graduates within their first year of working at EY.

Our challenge was to get these young staff talking in a way that would elicit honest and engaging stories. The result is a charmingly honest and open roundtable discussion. Take a look.

EY Hackathon

EYX is an new initiative set up by leading members of EY management to raise awareness of digital disruption. We were tasked to create an exciting identity for the launch of the initiative: a three-day event called the EY Hackathon held at Tobacco Dock.

This is a great example of our multiple departments working together. We created and managed all collateral for this event, including the overall creative approach. We produced handcrafted graffiti-covered event collaterals, a disruptive plasma screen campaign, email banners and then did filming and photography at the event – and created a new SharePoint site.

The Hackathon generated incredible interest throughout all EY social media channels and further solidified the company’s position as one of the leaders in innovation culture across the Financial Services industry.