Go to market

Our strategy is to identify, deliver and protect value for our clients from the most complex, digitally enabled transformations.

Our go to market strategy outlines which clients we focus on and what skills and assets we need to build and use to become our client’s transformation partner.

Click the link below for more information on the 5* model which outlines how we can bring best value to our clients.

5* Model

Our 5* model incorporates the 3 T’s, we need to build trusted relationships with our chosen clients, bring the best talent that EY has to offer to really add value to them underpinned by the most appropriate technology.

Rob Walker
UK&I Advisory
Risk Lead

By following this strategy our Risk practice can use the strength of the Firm to help us get into accounts, and deliver transformational opportunities."

Iain Burgess
UK&I Advisory
GPS Lead

We can use this model to change the way that we approach account management. By thinking more broadly about bringing the best of EY to our clients we can expand out and include our cross-Service Line expertise and our skills from across the sub-competencies."

Mona Bitar
UK&I Advisory
P&S Lead

We’re really driving transformation, we’re really changing our brand – and I would like for you to get as involved as possible."

Chris Lewis
UK&I Advisory
Energy Lead

Our priorities as a Market are to focus on the unique talents that EY can bring to help clients with iconic transformations and focus on long term relationships with those clients."

Kim Connors
UK&I Advisory Technology Lead

We are changing our structure and technology offerings so we can solve more complex client problems."

Paul Bakstad
UK&I Advisory
Head of PI

By executing this strategy, our opportunity is to create differentiated careers for our people in the PI competency, whilst delivering distinct and premium projects for our clients."

For more information on engagements within your sector or if you would like any more relevant materials please speak to your sector lead.